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  • The design tool shows a continuous shelf across the top. I don’t seem to have this shelf. How do I obtain this look?
    What appears to be one continuous shelf is a series of individual shelves for each section. To obtain the desired look, use the provided shelf pins, installing them in the topmost hole of each vertical panel. Place a shelf for each section on these shelf pins. The shelves will rest at the same height and sit flush with the tops of the vertical panels.

    If you wish to install your top shelves with screws, shelves in adjacent sections will be at different heights. Placing two vertical panels between sections allows you to install shelves at the same height using screws. If you choose this option, however, you will need to purchase additional panels or kits beyond what is listed for you on the parts list the design tool provides.
  • The design tool says I will need to cut some of my own sections when I receive my product. What needs to be cut? How do I do that?
    The clothing rods are adjustable from 22" to 35". If you need a clothing rod for a narrower section, you will need to cut the rod with a hacksaw. Separate the two rod halves and cut down each piece. Be sure to leave at least 6 inches of overlap between the two rod pieces.

    To customize the shelves, cut them with a power circular saw using a blade with a high tooth count (80+) and small teeth (plywood/MDF/OSB style). Additionally, you may mask off the line cut with masking or painters tape to prevent possible chipping of the melamine finish.

    To customize the mounting rail, cut it with a hacksaw.
  • I just received my Closet Evolution product. Where are the instructions for my design?
    Closet Evolution products are designed as do-it-yourself kits that can be modified as needed. The product is very modular and can even be modified after installation! This makes it very handy for changing circumstances. Because of the modular design (and the desire of many of our customers to change their design once they receive the product), inside each kit you will receive instructions on how to install components. Once you understand how the rail system works with the vertical panels and shelves, you’re well on your way to installing your closet.

    To install your specific layout, use your saved (www.closetevolution.com) or printed design as a guide. Use a pencil to plan out on your wall where you would like to place each section. If you ever have any difficulty or questions with your installation, please call Closet Evolution customer service at 800-218-2494.

  • I don’t seem to have enough rails to fit across my entire wall(s). Should I have more?
    You do not need rails across the entire length of your wall. You must have a rail for each section that extends slightly beyond each vertical panel (except on the side of a vertical panel that is against a wall). The rails can be cut with a hack saw or other metal cutting tool to create two sections if needed. Using more than one piece of rail will NOT decrease the strength of the rail as long as it is properly installed into the studs using the provided hardware (and using toggle bolts wherever needed). See installation instructions for correct installation of the rail.
  • I have two 24" sections next to each other, but I only have one 48" rail. Don’t I need a longer rail to extend beyond the sides of each vertical panel?
    Cut the rails into two sections, one longer than the other. The first one will support two of the three vertical panels. The second, shorter piece will support the last vertical panel. You will have a space between these two pieces of railing.
  • I have installed some hanging sections, but they do not seem stable. The vertical panels seem loose. Is this how it is supposed to be? How do I stabilize these panels?
    In order to stabilize the vertical panels and create sturdier sections, at least one of the shelves in each section should be installed with screws. Typically in a hanging section, you screw in the shelf directly above the hanging rod (the lower one in the case of a double hang section). In a shelving section, you typically screw in the bottom shelf and one of the middle shelves. In a drawer section, you must screw in one shelf at the bottom and one shelf at the top (directly above the top drawer) of a bank of drawers.
  • I didn’t seem to receive nearly enough vertical panels. Why do I have so few?
    Be sure you have not "doubled up" your vertical panels (put two vertical panels adjacent to each other). Doubling up your vertical panels is only necessary if you desire two banks of drawers next to each other. You may wish to double up vertical panels in other situations, but the design tool does not take into consideration these optional circumstances. Additional vertical panels (or kits for 72" vertical panels) may be purchased through The Home Depot. In the rare case that you did design two banks of drawers next to each but did not receive the requisite number of vertical panels, please call Closet Evolution customer service at 800-218-2494.
  • Do I need to have a shelf between each drawer?
    No. You only need to have one shelf at the top of the drawer section and one shelf at the bottom. Both shelves must be installed with screws. Please see the installation instructions.

  • When I put my closet measurements and click proceed, the design tool does not show me a design. How do I get a design?
    Be sure you use whole numbers for your measurements. For example, for a wall that is only 99 ½", only enter "99". Do not enter "99 ½" or "99.5". Also, be sure you are not entering any symbols or letters (e.g. the quote symbol for inches).
  • I have an odd shaped closet. How do I use the design tool?
    In many cases, you can split your closet design into sections. Look at your floor plan. See if you can split the design into two walk-in closets. Or, you may use the reach-in closet tool to design each wall separately. When using this method, be sure to put in only the measurement for the desired amount of product (how much wall space the closet product occupies) instead of the entire wall measurement. Also be sure to leave space between adjoining sections. You will need room to reach your clothing in those corners!

  • I have seen corner shelves in the product list. How do I add it to my design?
    The corner shelf is a set measurement of 30" x 30" in the design tool, but you can customize this during installation. The minimum size we recommend for the corner shelves is 19"x 19".
  • I need my closet to be a different depth. How can I order that? Can the depth be modified during installation?
    Closet Evolution kits are only available in 14" depth. You would not be able to modify the depth during installation.
  • Do you provide design assistance?
    We would love to look at the design you created and offer any assistance needed. The design center is open Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm. Please call Closet Evolution customer service at 800-218-2494.
  • I can’t seem to save my design. How do I save designs?
    For your first design you will register for an account after you create the design and give it a name. When you SAVE YOUR DESIGN choose the NEW USER option and follow the prompts. For additional designs log out of your account and create the new design from DESIGN YOUR CLOSET. When you save this design re-name it and SAVE YOUR DESIGN by choosing option EXISTING USER. Note that this login is independent of any account you may have with The Home Depot. If you have not created and saved a design on the www.closetevolution.com website, you are a New User. Enter the requisite information, and you should be able to save your design. If you need further assistance, please call Closet Evolution customer service at 800-218-2494.

  • What is your lead time? When will my product ship?
    For Closet Evolution product, from the time we receive the order from Home Depot.com (as this is not always the same as when the order is placed on Home Depot.com) until it ships is two business days. We ship from Michigan. Transit times typically range from one business day (Michigan/Chicago/Northern Indiana) to three or four business days (East Coast) to seven business days (West Coast). Weather and other shipping factors cannot be anticipated.
  • I would like to purchase some Closet Evolution parts/pieces directly from you. How can I do that? Who else stocks the Closet Evolution product range?
    The Closet Evolution line of product is sold exclusively through The Home Depot. If your request concerns pieces or parts that are not sold individually or you are missing any components, please call Closet Evolution customer service at 800-218-2494.

Product Information
  • I don’t see anything about your product dimensions. Can you tell me the dimensions?
    Product dimensions are available on the Home Depot.com website simply by clicking the "Specifications" tab in the product details. The product is 5/8" thick. All of the vertical panels, shelves, and drawers are 14" deep (from the wall to the front). Vertical panels can be either 48" or 72" tall. All drawers, baskets, and slanted shoe shelves come in 24" widths only. The corner shelves measure 30" along each wall from the corner.
  • What type of material is used in this product?
    Closet Evolution product is 5/8" thick, furniture grade particle board, with wood (or white) veneer, and baked-in, wear-resistant melamine finish.
  • What is the formaldehyde content of your produt?
    Closet Evolution product is CARB Phase II compliant. This means the particle board contains less than .09 parts per million (PPM) of formaldehyde at time of manufacture.
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